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In June of 2023, Fire Chief Randy Royal amended our Fire Code  that mandates 2 road egresses for all new development.  Now, if developers add indoor sprinklers, they can skirt the 2 road egress code.  We find this to be very disturning.  Indoor sprinklers and road egress are different animals altogether.  In fact, the entire state of CA passed a law after the Paradise Camp Fire because so many burned to death as they waited for their zone to be called, but the communication lines go down in all these fires.  Furthermore, water pressure drops in dire fires, and the sprinklers become ineffective.  Take the survey and share you thoughts.  It's anonymous.

Over 7 hours to evacuate District 1 (Mountain Shadows/Peregine/Garden of the Gods area) and over 8 hours to evacuate the Broadmoor area.  Stay informed.  Watch the 11/22/2021 Expert Evacuation Modeling Presentation to City Council.  Write our leadership and ask them to pass the historic and life-saving CET-Public & Life Safety Ordinance.  Use our sample email and quickly copy/paste or write your own.  Be sure to copy the press and us for transparency.

Pressed for time? 
Here's a 10 minute highlight of the meeting.
Expert Evacuation Modeling & Planning Meeting. 

A 1 hour condensed version
of the meeting.  Expert Evacuation Modeling & Planning Meeting

Full 2 hours, Expert Evacuation Modeling & Planning Meeting
Item 8A which begins at about 2:30 in the video.

An interview worth a listen.  Westside Watch Board Members, Bill Wysong, Jim Shirley and Dana Duggan discuss evacuation planning and modelng with Councilman Bill Murray on his podcast, Council Matters.  Spread the word so everyone stays informed.

Be sure to listen to Councilman Bill Murray's  interview
about evacuation and development concerns with Wall Street Journal Journalist Jim Carlton who was recently in town covering this important news.

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As we watch the explosive growth of our city and the westside continue to be crammed with development after development with no end in sight, this coalition was formed so that neighborhoods can help neighborhoods by using our voices and shared experiences to stop unsafe developments in our special WUI ecosystem.  Serving and uniting The Spires, Broadmoor Bluffs, The Broadmoor, Cheyenne Canon, Harlon Wolfe, Ivywild, Skyway, Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs, Crystal Park, Crystal Hills,  Kissing Camels, Cedar Heights, Mountain Shadows, Rockrimmon, Peregrine, Black Forest, Kettle Creek and North Fork.

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Make your voice heard.  Help your neighbors.  Follow us on Facebook and write your leadership.  Click here for a sample email you can easily copy/paste and send.


It costs money to fight that powerful combination of City Hall & the Developers.

Donate online or send us a check to: Westside Watch

P.O. Box 38802

Colorado Springs, CO  80937

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We are always looking for people to help us keep our communities healthy and safe.  Send us an email at to get on the list.  We are always looking for neighbors who want to help neighbors!

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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