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Unitah Apartments

Please take a moment to write your own or copy/paste the email below by August 10th, 2022 to help our fellow Westside Watchers in Old Colorado City and Skyway/Broadmoor who all are impact3ed by this development from a Clearance Evacuation Time - Public & Life Safety perspective.  We always recommend copying the press and us for transparency purposes.  The media wants and needs to see these concerns so they continue to hold our leadership accountable for their actions. Thank you for being such a great neighbor.  United, we are strong!




Subject:  Objection to Uintah Apartments high-density development 

Dear Caleb,

I object to the Uintah Apartments high-density development being proposed at 520 N 20th Street & .2026 W. Uintah Street on the following grounds:

  • Per the 2010 Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments Wildfire Evacuation Study, Highway 24 & I-25 already have level of service breakdowns during an evacuation.  Adding more high density development will only worsen these already dangerous conditions.

  • The traffic study submitted by the developer shows a level of service failure at the light at Uintah and 19th as well as shows level of service ratings in this area of E/F which are below the city standard of level of service D.

  • The site is designated as an Established Neighborhood, Historic in Plan COS Chapter 2, Framework and falls completely within Old Colorado City.

  • The request to rezone from R-2 to R-5 is "high density housing" which violates the West Side Master plan which explicitly states that the west side is to remain low and medium density housing.  56 families on 2.27 acres is firmly within the High Density definition used by the city (15+ dwelling units per acre Du/Ac).

  • It violates the city's stated goals for this area, defined as "North Bluff" on page 7 of the supplement for the west side in Plan COS as well as page 5-6 of that same document note that the city wants to preserve the aesthetic of the neighborhood that feels historic and natural.  The proposed development is not in alignment with the historic, natural aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Please reject this application in the interest of public safety and historic guidelines that the West Side Master Plan mandates be maintained for the character and welfare of this historic area.



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