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Wildfire Town Hall Meetings

Our leadership will be hosting a series of Town Hall Meetings to address many of the concerns raised by Westside Watch and The Maverick Observer starting back in 2019 when the Broadmoor Convention Center Expansion was approved without even a blink.  We want to be clear that we support the incredible work our firefighters do. In fact, we have two former leaders on our board.  However, we believe that it's imperative to be fully transparent and understand what tactics can and cannot achieve.  We were asked to provide feedback by many of you.  Below is a summary of major items that have been recently raised with our thoughts along with a list of questions we encourage you to ask if you attend these meetings or send emails.  You can download the flier as a PDF and print it and take it with you. 

We hope you find this helpful.

Date/Time/Location of next meeting.

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