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City Council to Vote on Water Tower 
Tuesday, 11/14/2023
Sample email to copy/paste and send below.

It's no secret our City Council, School Boards, Mayor, have been bought by developers and wealthy donors to vote in their special interests.  The courts are our best hope until we can fix this egregious imbalance of power and stop dark money.  This makes sending emails and signing petitions our best shot at stopping the insanity.  Emails help politicans see voters they will lose.  The more, the better - and it takes seconds to copy/paste and send.  We are posting Bill Wysong's letter to the editor of the Gazette below which you can also use to write your own email.


Letter to the Gazette

When CSU determined that it needed a new water tank in Mountain Shadows, it went through the planning and development process in 2022.  On Tuesday November 14th at the City Council meeting, the integrity of city officials will be at stake.  This includes the Planning Department, Regional Building, and City Council, who serves as the CSU board of Directors.


The need for a new water tank is clear due to its age. However, departments within the city were not truthful to the community, and did not construct the new tank as promised.  Residents of the Mountain Shadows neighborhood were told the new tank would be similar to the existing tank, which is 37 feet tall with some reasonable modifications which were needed to meet updated requirements. However, the changes they determined were necessary were made without the proper approval process that the City requires for all builders and citizens to go through, including notification of the public of these changes, prior to construction. 


Of note is the fact that during the application process, a section of land was offered to the city which would allow the tank to be less impactful to the neighbors – meaning it would not be in their backyards. This offer to CSU was turned down as being too expensive. 


The drawings submitted and approved showed the new tank would be 45 feet tall, which was approved by the Planning Commission in May 2022. The stamped and approved drawings show this as well as the specific model number for the tank.


Instead, what is being constructed is a 60 foot tank, which should not be allowed for several reasons.  First, CSU did not get approval to make these changes. Secondly, a permit was released that did not match the approved drawings. The city then started construction which violated current ordinances. Finally, CSU then attempted to plead ignorance after they were called out on the height and continued construction.


Keep in mind that CSU built a new water tank of the exact model in the west Uintah Street area seven years ago and knew exactly what model they were going to build. However, it appears they tried to hide this fact that a different model got built by saying the approved plan was only an “estimate.”


No one is above the law, which should include CSU and all other city groups. Due to this fact, this appeal by CSU must be denied, and the tank torn down, as would be required of any other builder or citizen regardless of the expense incurred.  Our City Officials must lead by example; Integrity matters!


Bill Wysong

President – Mountain Shadows Community Association & Westside Watch

Sample Email to Copy/Paste & Send

Note:  it's important for transparency and accountability to copy us and the press.  The media wants and needs to hear from us.



Subject:  Vote NO to the Water Tower

Dear City Council,

The deception and dishonesty surrounding the water tower in Mountain Shadows is emblematic of a disturbing pattern of behavior by our leadership to ignore the people, vote against our public safety and interests ignoring our own laws all to serve the development special interests who have an obscene stranglehold over our City.  

This water tower was supposed to be 40 feet tall as approved by our Planning Commission in May 2022.  Instead, we now have a 60 foot behemoth that violates the approved plans.  The just decision here is clear.  It is your duty to the people of Colorado Springs to uphold our processes, contracts and laws which mandates a no vote to approving this 60 foot monstrosity.

Integrity IS doing the right thing when no one is looking -- this entire process lacked integrity.  Your moral and ethical obligation is to restore integrity in our city by voting no.

Thank you,


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