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2424 Appeal District Court Ruling

There are many people who should get a huge thanks for this starting with YOU, the people.  Without your emails and donations, this outcome would have likely been very different.  We know there will be more of these and hate to ask, but we need funds to be able to consult/hire lawyers, communicate news and updates and buy media to inform the public.  Please donate so we have the funds to help the next neighborhood that faces these same issues.


We drafted and submitted the Clearance Evacuation Time - Public & Life Safety Ordinance, SIX MONTHS AGO, to set development standards in place to address these issues.  It's important you email City Council and ask them to pass this ordinance.  They need to hear from you, and it very much does matter.  Here is a sample email though we encourage you to write your own.  Copying the press and us for transparency is important.  We recently had an incident where the old council email that had previously been forwarded was suddenly stopped.  Because we were copied, we were able to identify the problem and forward all those emails to council.  The reason the media seeing this is important is so they see the public wants this and can help us encourage our leadership to do the right thing.  This ordinance will set historic precedent for other cities across the country who are facing these same challenges.  As the largest WUI in the state of Colorado, and perhaps the nation, we should lead the way in setting these public & life safety standards.  They will make us all safer and make our developments better just as the Geological Survey Ordinance did (amidst much opposition, we might add, from the developers who now benefit from building better and fewer lawsuits).

We would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to thank some key leaders who have helped make this happen and continue to work on these crucial issues to ensure the public safety of all WUI neighborhoods:  Councilmember Bill Murray, Tim Hoiles, Angela Gilpin, Lisa Bigelow, Bill Wysong, John McLain, Eddie Hurt, Howard Donaldson, Dorothy Macnak, Walter Lawson, RC Smith, Dave Noblitt, Jim Shirley, Donna Strom, Bruce Hamilton, and Dana Duggan.  There's so much work that happens of which you are unaware -- please do help us continue this success by donating  now (every penny helps) and writing your email today (it takes seconds to do and costs nothing) asking City Council pass the CET-Public & Life Safety Ordinance.

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