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Working for Our Common Good

Because our city leadership continues to ignore the will of the people and bow to the developers allowing incessant development putting already at-risk communities in more danger, Westside Watch was formed to unite the voices from The Spires, Broadmoor Bluffs, The Broadmoor, Cheyenne Canon, Ivywild, Skyway, Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs, Crystal Park Crystal HIlls, Kissing Camels, Cedar Heights, Mountain Shadows, Rockrimmon, Peregrine, Black Forest, Kettle Creek and North Fork.  Since politicians care about future votes as they run for higher office, uniting our voices seems to be the only shot we have at getting their attention.  It's important we help our neighbors north or south of us as each struggles to stop this insanity that continues to increase the risks of loss of life an property to those of us who live in these special communities.  Please check back often to see how you can help your fellow citizens who will, in turn help you.  We will be posting updates as well as news and calls to action to force our elected leaders to represent us once and for all.

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