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2424 3/28/2023 Appeal Letter to City Council

Below is a sample letter that you can quickly copy/paste and send.  You can also use this as a guide to create your own.    It is imperative that all of us send this email (send it to your neighbors and friends to ask them to do them to do the same) and, especially, copy the cc list provided below so that the media sees the outcry as well as we get copied for accountability. 

Thank you for being a great neighbor!

Subject:  Don't Delay & Deny the 2424 ReZone & Development Proposal

Dear City Council,


Please do not delay the 2424 ReZone & Development Appeal.  The Applicant has had years to prepare for this, and the only reason for the request for the Appeal is because:


  • Councilmember Wayne Williams is running for office and is well-aware that the public outcry over his continued voting against his constituents' public safety angers his constituents.  he wants to avoid the negative impacts to his campaign for mayor.

  • He wants to avoid the negative impacts to his campaign for mayor.​

The request by the Developer to delay until August of 2023 has no justification or merit.  If the Applicant is unprepared to defend their position, then they should withdraw the application.  Otherwise, this is nothing but shady, under-handed political maneuvering to stack the deck in the favor of the Applicant.


If the Appeal is heard on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 28th, 2023, it is your duty to defend the public safety of the citizens who elected you to office and deny the 2424 ReZone and Development application on the same grounds that this body did on August 24th, 2021.  Nothing has materially changed beyond there has been even more development since the previous denial by City Council which has worsened already life-threatening evacuation times.  The only choice is to uphold this body's just decision to vote to protect the public safety of the constituents who elected you to office.



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