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Save Lives.  Use the Science. 
Colorado Evacuation Modeling State Law

We have been working for years to get this law passed.  The science of evacuation modeling has existed since the 1970s.  Waldo, Paradise, Marshall & Lahaina have proven we need to identify and fix our choke points and infrastructure, in advance, of the next dire fire.  We need to arm the public, residents and visitors with their times and maps.  Most importantly, we need to implement evacuation modeling as part of responsible growth and avoid trapping people and pets.

Ask Our State Leaders to Mandate Evacuation Modeling, Reporting of Times/Maps to the Public & Implement Evacuation Modeling Standards for Development to Save Lives & Grow Responsibly. 

Colorado Evacuation Modeling Email:  Enter your name, email and hit send to ask the Colorado House & Senate Leaders to make Evacuation Modeling state law across Colorado.  An email will be automatically sent for you.  Click send to save lives.


Thank you for being a great neighbor!

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